Churchill’s Secret

Churchill's Secret2

کاری به سیاست و شخصیت چرچیل ندارم!

به هرحال او مرد بزرگ و تاثیرگذاری بود.

در این فیلم از منظر روانشناسی، به دو زن برمیخوریم:

یکی همسرش، با ظاهری دلسوز اما در واقع خودخواه،

یکی پرستار جوانی ساده اما مهربان

پرستاری که دارای عشق بی قید و شرط بود

پرستاری که با مهربانی خالصش چرچیل را درمان کرد، عشق درمانی!

چرچیلی بزرگ و تاثیرگذار، اما مجروح، …

Churchill's Secret

Churchill’s Secret

Churchill’s Secret is an AngloAmerican drama television film first broadcast on ITV1 on 28 February 2016.

The screenplay was written by Stewart Harcourt based on the book The Churchill Secret: KBO by Jonathan Smith.

It stars Michael Gambon as Winston Churchill and Romola Garai as Millie Appleyard, his nurse.

In summer 1953, some eighteen months after Churchill has been elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for a second time,

he suffers a serious stroke.

Though his illness is kept as secret as possible his political friends and foes begin to plot his successor when it is unclear whether he will recover or not.

He is nursed back to health by Millie Appleyard.