In Treatment

In Treatment

In Treatment (2008-2010)In Treatment
People go into therapy to learn from their mistakes, then make mistakes about what they’ve learned. Therapists can also get tangled in half-truths.
One of the best TV series.
In Treatment Characters. TV Series (2008-2010)

– Paul, a charming, relentless psychologist, who is seeking his own peaceful existence, free of self-doubt and ambivalence. Paul is a graduate of Georgetown University, undergraduate degree, Columbia University, master’s degree and The New School, PhD. In summer 1988 he worked at the Washington–Baltimore Psychoanalytic Institute and later established his private practice in Baltimore.

– Laura, anesthesiologist, is erotically fixated on Paul.

– Alex, fighter pilot, traumatized by a recent mission gone wrong in Iraq.

– Sophie, suicidal teen-aged gymnast.

– Amy + Jake, in couples’ therapy to decide whether or not to end her pregnancy.In Treatment3

– Gina, Paul’s own therapist and mentor, devil’s advocate to his ambivalence. Who diligently guides Paul away from a mid-life crisis down the road to personal satisfaction and validation.

– Kate, Paul’s wife who goes to Paul’s sessions with Gina as they attempt to salvage their crumbling marriage.

– Mia, successful malpractice attorney, former patient of Paul’s from 20 years ago, who blames him for her present status: an unmarried, childless workaholic, who makes poor choices in men.

– April, An architecture student diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma which she has been concealing from everyone but Paul. Appears in denial about the severity of her illness.

– Oliver, the 12-year-old son of a divorcing couple, who blames himself for the family chaos.

– Walter, self-confident CEO with a history of panic attacks, who finds his life is becoming overwhelming.

– Tammy, Paul’s first girlfriend and, coincidentally, a patient of Gina.

– Sunil, After his wife’s death, 52 year-old Sunil emigrated to the US from Calcutta, per her wishes, to live with his son and daughter-in-law. In deep depression over her death and angry about his daughter-in-law’s insensitivity, Sunil is happy to have Paul to talk to, even though psychotherapy is stigmatized in his culture.

– Frances, A very successful actress, She comes to see Paul after hearing about him from her sister, who saw him decades ago. Frances is having trouble remembering her lines in the play she is in, but her issues may stem from the fact that her sister has breast cancer, as their mother did, and the fear that she is next.

– Jesse, A teenager living with his adoptive parents, Jesse harbors significant anger toward his adoptive family and toward himself. By turns aggressive, capriciously manipulative, fearful, abrasive and vulnerable, Jesse has been peddling prescription drugs and sleeping with older men. Jesse’s world turns upside down when he receives a call from his birth mother, with whom he has not had any contact since infancy.

– Adele, a psychoanalyst recommended by a neurologist to prescribe him more sleep medication, Adele points out several areas in Paul’s life worth talking about, particularly his relationship with Gina. Despite initial reluctance, Paul finds himself going back to Adele as a therapist.