Lie to Me

Lie to Me

به من دروغ بگو  نام یک مجموعه تلویزیونی جنایی درام آمریکایی است که اولین بار ۲۱ ژانویه ۲۰۰۹ از شبکه فاکس پخش شد.lie-to-me0

در این مجموعه، دکتر کَل لایتمن (تیم راث) و همکاران وی در گروه لایتمن، قراردادهای کاری را برای کمک کردن طرف‌های سوم

(مانند مقام‌های قضایی فدرال و محلی) در پیدا کردن حقیقت قبول می‌کنند.

Lie to Me is an American crime drama television series. It originally ran on the Fox network from January 21, 2009 to January 31, 2011.

In the show, Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his colleagues in The Lightman Group accept assignments from third parties (commonly local and federal law enforcement),

and assist in investigations, reaching the truth through applied psychology: interpreting microexpressions, through the Facial Action Coding System, and body language.

In May 2009, the show was renewed for a second season consisting of 13 episodes;lie-to-me2

Season two premiered on September 28, 2009.

On November 24, 2009, Fox ordered an extra nine episodes for season two, bringing the season order to 22 episodes.

On May 12, 2010, Entertainment Weekly reported that Lie to Me received a 13-episode third season pick-up.

The third season of Lie to Me was originally set to premiere on November 10, 2010. On September 28, 2010, the date was moved up to October 4, 2010, because of the cancellation of Lone Star.

Lie to Me was officially canceled by Fox on May 11, 2011.

The show is inspired by the work of Paul Ekman, the world’s foremost expert on facial expressions and a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California San Francisco

School of Medicine. Dr. Ekman has served as an advisor to police departments and anti-terrorism groups (including the Transportation Security Administration)

and acted as a scientific consultant in the production of the series. He is also the author of 15 books, including Telling Lies and Emotions Revealed