Married with Secrets

Married with Secrets

Married with Secrets takes a look at what happens when happily ever after goes horribly wrong,married-with-secrets

when husbands and wives embark on secret lives that take them down dark paths,

leading to devastating results.

S1, Ep1

25 Oct. 2016
A Darker Shade of Blue
Chaos ensues in Fox Lake, Illinois when an officer is found dead. With a potential cop killer on the loose, the town is on lockdown.

But when sordid details of the dead officer’s secret life come out, the case takes a surprising turn.

S1, Ep2

1 Nov. 2016
Obsession Has Its Price

S1, Ep3

8 Nov. 2016
Cold Blue Blood
Dr. Dirk Greineder is one of the most respected men in the upper class community of Wellesley,

Massachusetts… that is, until a secret X-rated addiction spirals out of control and results in a gruesome murder no one saw coming.

S1, Ep4

15 Nov. 2016
Fear the Ether Man
A serial rapist known as the Ether Man lurks in the shadows of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Victims can’t identify the masked attacker and worse still, it looks like he’s expanding his hunting grounds. Can anyone stop him before it’s too late?

S1, Ep5

22 Nov. 2016
The Mastermind

S1, Ep6

29 Nov. 2016
Yes, Master
When an aspiring kindergarten teacher in Dublin, Ireland goes missing, her family assumes depression over her mother’s death drove her to suicide. They never suspected the real reason – involving a twisted BDSM master gone horribly wrong.

S1, Ep7

6 Dec. 2016
Dr. Deception
When Jean Claude Dominique is the victim of a hit-and-run, his wife Eliette rushes to his side. It’s there she comes face-to-face with his OTHER wife. It’s her first glimpse into his double life that leads to her fighting for her own.

S1, Ep8

8 Dec. 2016
Fatal Fixation
When Ignacio Garraus meets Shawna Nelson, there’s instant heat – despite them both being married to other people. While he’s just looking for a good time, she’s falling in love. So when he tries to end things for his wife… things take a very dark turn