Realive  is a 2016 Belgian-Spanish-French science fiction film written and directed by Mateo Gil.   

زندگی هولناکتر از مرگ است.

A man with a terminal illness has his body frozen and becomes the first man to be resuscitated from cryonics seventy years later in the year 2084. His on and off again girlfriend is by his side as he commits suicide in order to be cryopreserved. Being an accomplished artist with a design firm under his wing, he cannot stand the randomness of his throat cancer and decides to “go” under his own volition and control. After his “resurrection” under project “Lazarus”, by a company with its own agenda, he starts to question mortality and matters of soul, as well as life as a transition of matter and energy. After realizing that he only valued his own life under the threat of his imminent death, unable to cope with his new life – feeling trapped in someone else’s body – he decides to commit suicide. Alas, the film ends with the realization that that is something he’s not allowed to do.

I don’t know. There is only one thing I can see clearly now. Life is nothing more than state of matter. Like a gas. Or liquid. A form of molecular organization. And there’s nothing transcendent or divine about it. It’s only objective is to perpetuate itself through motion, change, adaptation. Life isn’t worried about any species. Much or less, any individual. We are nothing more than the chunks of mud that uses it as a vehicle. Life is what’s scary. Not death. But it’s always on the verge of extinction. But it exists wherever it shouldn’t. And the soul, you may ask, what about the soul? Well, maybe the soul is the bit that gets lost when you freeze the meat and then thought out again.

 Time is coming back to me now. Slower then ever. You can imagine all the things that need to be done to dismantle your life and prepare everything for when you’re gone. Starting with the simplest. Telling your employees, suppliers and customers that someone else will be taking your place from now on. But not to worry. That everything will continue exactly like it has until now. Giving instructions on how to finish projects. Selling your shares. Leaving your business in good hands. Deciding what to do with your most personal projects. With your dreams.

 Telling the people you love. Deciding who not to tell. Managing all the concern you will awaken. Telling your mother. Explaining to her that she is going to outlive you. Writing your will. Selling your properties. Emptying the house of your personal belongings. Looking at them for the last time. When you get rid of everything you ever were… what’s left? What did you wanted it to be? What was yet to come? The best was yet to come. The best was always yet to come.

Before I died, I thought there was nothing after death. Now I’m sure.

Imagine, you were born… totally aware and conscious of everything around you. Conscious you were coming out of someone else’s body, joint to it by a bloody cord. That you are completely covered in blood. Conscious of the dry air entering your lungs for the first time; the sharp sounds in your ears; the blinding light in your eyes. Conscious that your bones are unbearably soft and your life is so fragile, it could disappear at any moment. That’s what being resurrected is like.

When you get rid of everything you ever were, what’s left? What do you want it to be? What was yet to come? The best was yet to come. The best was always yet to come.

E: Why should I help you?

M: Because you’ve seen everything I have. Because you understand what I feel better than you’d like. Because I need for all of this to mean something. Because I’m all alone. Because you love me.