Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You


Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You is a young adult novel by Peter Cameron


James Sveck, the protagonist, tells the reader about his life,

including the reasons he became the “Missing Misfit” and is seeing the psychiatrist.

James Sveck is an isolated young adult caught in the summer before he is to begin college at Brown University.

The only person in his life with whom he is able to successfully relate is his grandmother; otherwise, James prefers solitude.

Cameron’s use of first person narration allows for the reader to create an intimate relationship with James as he

someday_this_pain_will_be_useful_to_you_posterworks through his life and through the therapy sessions to which his parents have made him go.

The reader learns about James’ present as he tells the events of his days, but the reader learns about his past when James reflects on his


therapy sessions,

Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You is a 2011 comedy-drama film directed by Roberto Faenza based on Peter Camer


on‘s novel of the same name.



It is primarily Italian financed, but was shot in English.


The teenage American protagonist was played by eighteen-year-old English actor Toby Regbo and the supporting cast is mainly American.

The film premiered at the 2011 Rome Film Festival and was scheduled for release in Italy in February 2012.

It will receive its North American premiere at the 2012 Miami International Film Festival, but no further cinematic release dates have been announced.


The Italian reviews were mixed, but considerable praise was given for Regbo’s performance.